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WIPO Fellowship Programme

2019-08-27 | 

: Traineeships

WIPO Fellowship ProgrammeFor over three years now our MA students have been applying for the fellowship programme of the World Intellectual Property Organization. And each year they are among the best! In 2018, Adelya Bogdalova, who at that time was a second-year MA student of our School, was chosen by WIPO as an assistant for working with Russian terminology.

At the end of 2017, Adelya already knew she was going to apply for the fellowship. She was very impressed by a presentation of Geoffrey Westgate, the Head of the Support Section of PCT Translation Division, WIPO, who paid a regular visit to the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation and talked to our students about peculiarities, subtleties and, above all, advantages of working experience at WIPO.

The selection process consisted of three difficult stages, which were successfully passed by our student and she finally got a letter confirming her acceptance for the fellowship. There were also 6 other students from all over the world who took the fellowship programme together with Adelya. They worked with Russian, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. The World Intellectual Property Organization allows its fellows to choose the sphere they would like to work with. Adelya opted for such spheres as metallurgy, software, laser technology, multimedia equipment, film production, beauty and care — such a variety of topics made the fellowship even more interesting and engaging. While undertaking the WIPO programme, the students developed skills that are crucial for interpreters and translators — patience, diligence, profound analysis of the material and work with the WIPO terminology database and patent system. In addition to their work with the terminology database, the fellows took online courses at the WIPO Academy and terminology courses.

Our student contributed a lot to the development of the WIPO terminology database: she took part in developing a concept map for the WIPO Pearl database in the area of green chemistry and added more than 570 Russian equivalents to the WIPO terminology database.

Adelya is very grateful to the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation and Astrakhan State University for gaining such a great experience: she said some terms and topics had already been familiar to her from classes at our School, which helped her a lot, and the support of teachers filled her with confidence and enabled her achieve international recognition and professional growth.

WIPO Fellowship ProgrammeWIPO Fellowship Programme