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Olga Kulakova

2019-08-20 | 

: Alumni

Olga KulakovaOlga Kulakova, the graduate of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation who is a trainee in the United Nations Organization now, is studying at the University of Geneva at the same time! That’s what she says about her experience of the studies abroad:

“The University of Geneva is the oldest university in Switzerland. It has a great history and there are many outstanding people among its graduates. I am glad that, thanks to the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation, I have a unique opportunity to study at the Department of Translation and Interpretation of such a famous and prestigious university for two terms. Besides translation and interpretation classes, I also study law, economy, terminography, that, in my view, are important for an interpreter to get necessary general knowledge. The process of studying in the University is very eventful; and in my spare time I am practicing conference interpreting in UN interpreters’ booths under the guidance of the professional interpreters, whose comments and experience are incredibly valuable for me. Every day we have different events: one day you interpret at the session of the Human Rights Council, next day – at the meeting of the Transport Security Working Group. I have already spent a month in Geneva and looking back I can say that each new day was full of bright impressions and new knowledge. I hope it will last till the end of the traineeship”.