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Virtual Class with Kanagawa University

2013-06-10 | 

: News

Astrakhan State University held  a virtual class with its partner Kanagawa University, Yokohama, Japan, with  which  ASU  has been  actively exchanging students for 3 years, implementing programs  in different courses.

There were fifth-year students of the Japanese chair (Profile: Translation & Interpreting) of ASU and students from Japan (Department of International culture) participating in the virtual class.  The working  language was Japanese.

Our students have been sharing with Japanese students their impressions about Japan, Japanese culture and language for two hours.

They discussed the most challenging, interesting and favorite aspects of the Japanese language, or,  on the contrary, those they like least, as well as Japanese mentality, comparing  it with the Russian one. Japanese students actively asked our fifth-year students  about the contemporary Russian society, the Russian language and ASU. Trainer Kobayashi Kiyoshi, who has been teaching the Japanese language at ASU for a year, also shared his impressions about ASU and his life in Astrakhan. Such form of communication with Kanagawa University has been organized for the first time here.

It even seemed that such a faraway Japan easily became closer and everyone hopes that such classes will become a good tradition.

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