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Human vs. Machine Translation: CITS participates in MT Conference

2022-10-15 | 

: News

On October 15, the Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod held the international research and practice conference Machine vs. Human Translation:  Confrontation or Cooperation? to discuss current issues of various fields of translation. 

Human vs. Machine Translation: CITS participates in MT ConferenceThe virtual scientific conference brought together many Russian and foreign experts in translation, professors and practising translators. The participants discussed some aspects of machine translation in fiction literature, terminology and technical documentation and toughed upon the issues of machine voice translation, MT post-editing, and translation digital model. CITS representatives – CITS Director Uliana Saveleva and second-year MA student Dmitry Zhuravlev made a presentation on topic Machine Translation: Basic Principles for Implementing WIPO Terminology Project. They considered the translation of the terms proposed for WIPO terminology database.