35482309_2593450547547070_7223257478513819648_nThe academic year is about to end, but the walls of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation are bursting with life. On June 13-15, our MA students took part in a workshop by Natalia Kobleva, an editor of the Russian Translation Service of the UN Secretariat (New York, USA).
The workshop started with an introductory lecture with Natalia sharing valuable information about what it means to be a translator at the UN. She said that she and her colleagues have to deal with documents on a variety of topics — from space exploration to legal issues of seabed use — which makes their work rather difficult, but extremely engaging at the same time. The students were interested in the subtleties of translation, the specifics of translation at the UN, major challenges and working conditions.
35357244_2593450564213735_3329791069737975808_nOver the course of the following days, under Natalia’s guidance, the students worked hard on translating the texts of resolutions and other types of UN documents.
The expert also said in a short time there will be a job opening for a translator at the Russian Translation Service of the UN in New York. Students who acquire two UN official languages (besides Russian), can take part in the competitive exam. Having passed it, they are entitled to apply for a job at the UN Office in New York. Natalia praised the students’ high level of training and interest. According to the expert, this three-day active interaction with the students of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation was a very pleasant experience. As for the students, they received invaluable experience for professional development.

Photo: TV Media Center of ASU