rdludtl8zqgOn December, 12 the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation held another virtual class with Michael Somers and Alexander Drechsel, experts of the Directorate General for Interpretation of the European Commission. The experts prepared EN and DE speeches for our MA students as well as assessed their interpretation and helped to figure out the main mistakes.
This time both the first-year and the second-year MA students who work with the English and German languages took part in the virtual class. In his speech, Michael Somers raised a question how young people in different countries fly the nest, in particular, how the current economic situation and cultural traditions influence the family ties and the desire (or need) to continue living with parents. As for the DE speech, Alexander Drechsel gave a talk on zoos; the expert was speculating whether zoos do teach children something or not. A speech in Russian was delivered by Nataliya Tutarinova, a trainer of the Caspian School of Interpreting and Translation, who touched upon a very topical issue of seasonal winter diseases and the easiest ways to prevent them.
The diversity of topics, friendly atmosphere and lively communication made the virtual class dynamic and interesting. Michael Somers and Alexander Drechsel know Russian well enough to give detailed comments on the students’ interpretation and valuable pieces of advice. Each new speech, each new virtual class are priceless drops of new knowledge in the sea of experience. And what is a sea if not a lot of drops?