tv0fqtnn6xsOn December, 16 the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation held a Virtual Class The Future of the European Union with Boğaziçi University ( Istanbul) students and trainees. The first speech was delivered in Turkish: Boğaziçi University speaker Nedime Mercangoz touched upon the issue of the European Parliament resolution to suspend talks on accession of Turkey to the European Union. The speaker told about the coup attempt in Turkey, the European Union internal policy, as well as the complications of Turkey’s accession to the EU. Kate Ferguson’s speech was about Brexit, Great Britain and the EU relationship: the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union was really shocking not only for the European community, but also for the whole world, hence it made the raised issue pressing. In the final speech Gretchen Fernholz, an American teacher who came to our University within the Fulbright Program, told about the European Union challenges like bureaucracy, terrorism, migration, and others. Gretchen Fernholz analyzed the ways of tackling the problems, addressed the issue of Great Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and of what expects the EU in the near future.