nade1From the 11th to 15th of September in Brussels (Belgium), a training seminar “Training for trainers” was held for teachers of higher schools and universities engaged in the training of future conference interpreters. This time our School was represented by Nadezhda Emelyanova, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Representatives of the Balkan countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), as well as the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Great Britain, Turkey, Ghana and Kenya were among the participants. The seminar was conducted by Andrew Upton, Anabela Freud and Katarzyna Janicka, the leading interpreters of the Directorate-General for Interpretation the European Commission. The training program was very intensive; it included such topics as the characteristics of the ideal candidate and graduate, the principles of feedback, the rules for writing a good speech, developing analytical skills, general knowledge, linguistic skills, etc. Participants were told about different kinds of speeches and their constituent elements. The training also touched upon such topics as interpreter’s note-taking, transition from consecutive interpretation to simultaneous one, translation from a native language to a foreign one, evaluation of interpretations. For each topic, interactive methods were used, role play and situation simulation were widely used as well. The training left most favorable impressions. High professionalism of the trainers, relevant topics and a lively discussion were the ingredients, providing for the success of this event.