94551_0On 15-16 September Astrakhan hosted “Innovative Technologies In Ophthalmic Practice Regions”, the international scientific and practical conference for ophthalmologists of the Southern Federal District of Russia, the Caspian States and the Black Sea countries. The choice of a conference venue for such a major ophthalmological event seems logical, since it was Sergei Kuznetsov, our fellow townsman, a graduate of Astrakhan Medical University (currently ASMU – short for Astrakhan State Medical University), Doctor of Medical Science, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Penza Institute of Advanced Medical Training, who came up with a unique type of cataract surgery, “Phacoemulsification with bifocal optic system implantation”. The implanted bifocal optic system helps a completely blind people to restore their sight.
The list of speakers of the scientific and practical conference included not only our countrymen, but also foreign experts. That’s why the assistance of the MA students from the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation was required. The second year master students: Altyn Arupova, Sergei Doronin and Alina Kireeva alongside the first year master student Julia Nikitina bravely and enthusiastically embarked on the challenging task of interpreting scientific ophthalmological reports. To get a better grasp of the subject they came to a meeting with one of the conference organizers, a practicing ophthalmologist, who helped them clear up the difficult terms. Despite the obvious lack of time and the fact that the subject of the conference was quiet new to them, they have done a great job. The students made a consecutive interpreting of the live streamings on the following topics: “Priorities of the IAPB – Europe in the next four years”, “Vitreous floaters – vitrectomy in eyes with full visual acuity?”, “Controversies on Epiretinal Membranes”, “Transition to Digital Microscopy 3D Heads-up Surgery. Reasons and Tips” and others.
“The interpretation of a report on such a difficult topic was hard, let alone the quality of internet-connection that left much to be desired, and prevented me from hearing the speaker properly, nevertheless for us as interpreters it was an invaluable experience”, – shares her opinion Alina Kireeva, the second year master student.
The conference “Innovative Technologies In Ophthalmic Practice Regions” was not only an important ophthalmological event, but also valuable experience for the master students of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation.