dsc_1220On April, 27 the students taking the master program on translation « Theory and Practice of Translation in Professional Communication » at The Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation had a lesson with Bruce Leimsidor who is a professor at Venetian Ca’ Foscari University specializing on migrant and refugee issues.
The main topic of discussion was an acute migration issue in the European Union. Bruce Leimsidor paid special attention to Italy and a flow of migrants coming from the conflict-torn African states. The professor expressed his opinion regarding the policy conducted by such famous leaders as Angela Merkel and Marine Le Pen, examined the connection between their actions and the flow of migrants heading to the EU countries unabated so far.
The students asked a series of questions on Brexit, as well as the connection between the terms “terrorism” and “migration crisis”. It is important to note that students kept on asking numerous questions even after the lesson connected to the peculiarities of living and work in different European countries. The master students were content with this lesson and are thankful for an opportunity to talk to a person who knows much about the migrant crisis in the EU.
They also noted that such lectures help to train speaking skills and broaden the mind in the sphere of politics, economy and history.