42263827_2703474383211352_5455763421280600064_nOn September 20, MA students of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation had a unique opportunity to attend a lecture given by Anna Belikova, a top-class Arabist and Orientalist who came to Astrakhan to participate in the 4th Caspian Media Forum. She told the audience about the international broadcasting birth and development in a detailed and graphic manner, gave examples of the largest and most well-known broadcasters (BBC, CNN, Alhurra, Euronews, TRT, DW, etc.) and noticed that, by following the international broadcasting in different countries, one can get an idea of their geopolitics. Then Anna Belikova told the participants about Russia Today, the most famous multilingual television network in Russia, in particular about its history of becoming popular worldwide, as well as about Ruptly Stringer, an app that opens a new era in the world of journalism, giving an opportunity to become a freelance journalist to everyone interested.
Having finished her informative and interesting speech, Anna Belikova answered the questions of ASU students and, in particular, of MA students of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation. Our MA students asked how the network attracts interest of the international audience and what sources RT experts use to find information. At the end of her speech, Anna Belikova gave valuable advice she uses herself to all the students: «When I’m asked about information sources and different recommendations, I always stress that the most important thing is to think over the information yourself. The best source is your head. Take different aspects of the problem and integrate them into one single picture, using your experience, knowledge and a critical approach.»