d493dx1wpeaAll senior students and newly-hatched linguists who have just graduated are sure to be concerned with how to get to translation and interpretation market, how to gain a reputation of good specialists and build a successful career in the sphere of interpretation and translation. Luckily, it is not only the Internet that helps the students to solve all these issues but also their senior colleagues, who are practicing interpreters and members of translation organizations, who are ready to share their experience and reveal the secrets of successful development of your professional activity. One of the experts is Maria Suvorova. She is a leading interpreter working with Chinese, an international communication specialist and a member of the Union of Translators of Russia, a member of Russian-Chinese Society for Friendship, the CEO of the agency called B2B Perevod, as well as the Development Director of Thinkin’Asia project. Maria Suvorova conducted a seminar for the students from the Department of Foreign Languages. The seminar was dedicated to the linguistic support for business and issues specific to translation industry. The meeting took place at the Center for Conference Translation of the Caspian Higher School of Translation. There were students from translation and pedagogical departments, as well as the Department of Foreign Languages and the Caspian Higher School of Translation trainers. Within the scope of the seminar the expert told the students about branding, marketing and management subtleties for a professional interpreter, issues specific to modern translation industry, interpreting technologies, translation bureaus, etc. Special attention was, of course, paid to major translation organizations, freelance marketplace for interpreters and students, translation competitions, volunteering and blogging, which is a phenomenon that is currently getting more popular in the world of interpreting. We are very pleased with the fact that such a remarkable practice-oriented seminar took place on the platform of our School. This seminar let the intending interpreters get acquainted with the reality of interpreting activities and probably helped them decide what direction to follow to become real professionals who are in demand on the market of translation services.