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Caspian School Students Now Can Tell You Everything about Futsal in Farsi!

2019-09-27 | 

: News

On September 22-25, Astrakhan hosted “Caspian Cup-2019” futsal tournament among the national teams of the Caspian states, involving the national teams of Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Caspian School Students Now Can Tell You Everything about Futsal in Farsi!Throughout the tournament, the team of Iran was accompanied by Mikhail Rudov and Dmitry Shashkin, MA students of the Caspian Higher School of Interpreting and Translation whose first foreign language is Farsi.

Mikhail and Dmitry provided the national team of Iran with linguistic support, helped them deal with different everyday issues, showed the main city attractions, acquainted them with the history of the Astrakhan Kremlin and Museum of Local Lore in Farsi, and interpreted Iranian head coach’s seminar about futsal for the Russian-speaking audience.

“The interpretation for a large audience of athletes was the most difficult task,” said Mikhail Rudov. “I was very worried that I could not provide high-quality interpretation, since it was my first performance as an interpreter at such a large tournament. However, as some say, all things are difficult before they are easy! Of course, there were some difficulties, but when my hour-long interpretation was over, the audience broke out into applause. At that moment I calmed down, having realized that everything worked well!”

The tournament was organized at the highest level both in terms of organization and in terms of the professional approach of each national team to the matches. So, the students had only the best impressions of this sporting event, and the most important thing is the experience our MA students gained through their communication with people of other cultures and languages. This event allowed them both to broaden their outlook and to feel confident in solving various interpretation tasks.Caspian School Students Now Can Tell You Everything about Futsal in Farsi!